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Specific Initiative for the Session 2018-19


For opening up a new horizon with different concepts of living in a creative way, this college provides its students with hands-on training on fine arts. Every year just before the commencement of the autumnal festive season, a festival called Anandamela is organized in connection and continuation to that fine arts workshop. In this festival every participant –student of the fine arts workshop is encouraged to act like a creator-cum-entrepreneur. They exhibit and sell their own creations which they have been trained to create at the workshop along with other handicrafts they produce.  Some of them even offer their culinary excellences for augmenting the richness of the festivity. Teachers also take part in the same manner to inspire the student-participants. It is worthy of mention, the overarching scheme of this entire workshop-cum-festival has drawn appreciation from all the stakeholders and from the neighbouring community.


In the session 2018-19, the art and craft workshop entitled ‘Karushilpa: A Decorative Art and Craft Workshop’ was held on 29th September, 2018. This year 20 participants were trained by four experts who were hired from Cooch Behar Samakalin Shilpigoshthi(Govt. Reg, No. S/2L/32881), a prestigious school for budding artisans. On 3rd and 4th October, 2018 the festival mentioned above, namely, Anandamela was organized. There were 20 stalls full of colourful handicrafts and delectable foodstuff. An enthusiastic crowd made the event a grand success. Under the direct supervision of the library committee, students worked hard to make it possible.


Some glimpses ofKARUSHILPA

A Decorative Art and Craft Workshop held on 29.09.2018


Some glimpses ofANANDAMELA 2018

An Exhibition-cum-Sell of Art and Craft and Food items held on from 03.10.2018 to 04.10.2018

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